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This workshop is the ultimate preparation for individuals looking to take any of our CORE Bootcamp programs and launch their career in the field of cybersecurity. This workshop provides students with the foundational skills needed for admission to our CORE Technical Bootcamp or our upcoming CORE Analyst Bootcamp. Passing this workshop guarantees admittance to the SecureSet Academy CORE Bootcamp program of your choice, with the ability to deduct the cost of this workshop from your CORE Bootcamp tuition.
Course Instructors
Cybersecurity has multiple domains. The CORE program employs a range of experts who can relate their expertise to the broader field. The result is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art and fully integrated curriculum.
Course Grading
This workshop will assess the student’s skill development across subject areas via quizzes and labs.  The successful student will score 70% or better.
This workshop is for individuals with a high level of interest in cybersecurity but a lack of experience in base-level technical skills. If you are technically inclined and have the desire to put in the work, you can be successful in this class.
Optional Resources
  • We have external study materials available on request for all subject areas of this workshop.
  • Academy technical and career counseling staff are available to discuss the cybersecurity industry and your background and objectives in further detail on a one-on-one basis.

Course Registration

All students are requested to complete a CORE Bootcamp application prior to workshop start to assist us in reviewing student backgrounds and adapt course curriculum to unique class needs.

Course Schedule

For current workshop schedules, please visit the CORE Calendar.

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